Expert Tips For Storing Portable Bulk Water For Your Restaurant


If your restaurant stores potable bulk water for emergency use, then it is vital to keep it safe. Though bulk water is certified to be potable when it is delivered, it is your responsibility to keep it that way after its received. Improperly stored bulk water can quickly and easily become contaminated with bacteria that will make your customers sick.

If you are new to storing potable water, then these expert tips will help you do so safely.

Tip: Only Purchase Water From a Certified Bulk Water Hauler

To ensure your stored water is potable and safe for your customers to consume, it must be delivered by a certified bulk water hauler. It is never safe to fill your storage tank with a garden hose from the water utility's system, and it is ever safe to purchase it from a company that hasn't been certified as a potable hauler by your local health department.

Certified potable water haulers must maintain strict controls on their equipment. For example, they are required to clean and sanitize the inside of their hauling containers on a regular basis. Additionally, they only use frequently cleaned and sanitized filling and dispensing hoses to prevent contamination.

Tip: Store Bulk Water Only in Certified Food-Grade Containers

Potable water should only be stored in containers certified as food-grade. Typically, food-grade containers used to store liquids are made of blue-colored plastic. The blue color is used industry-wide to signify that a container is certified as being approved for use with water and other liquids meant for human consumption.

Tip: Never Place Your Water Storage Containers Directly on a Concrete Floor

Since concrete can off-gas fumes and plastic water storage containers can absorb them, you should never place your water storage containers directly on a concrete floor. Instead, place them on either wooden pallets or on sheets of plywood.

Tip: You Cannot Store Potable Water Indefinitely 

Since the bottled water you purchase in the grocery store has an "expiration" date on the containers, it is important to note that water doesn't ever actually spoil or go bad. However, it can have problems with potability if it is stored too long in certain types of containers or where it is exposed to fluctuating temperatures. The water can take on a bad taste, it can become contaminated with chemicals from its container, and it can grow bacteria.

In conclusion, just as you shouldn't keep commercially bottled water for an indefinite time in your home's kitchen, you also should not keep bulk water around too long. To prevent any possible contamination, make sure you regularly rotate your supply. For more information, contact a company like Dean's  Waterservice Inc.


27 October 2018

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