4 Unique Styles of Texas Barbecue


Just about everyone loves a barbecue. When referring to BBQ, different kinds of smoked meats, and sometimes the individual sauces and side dishes as well, come to mind. Brisket, barbecued chicken, shredded pork, baked beans, and potato salad are classic American foods, especially popular when summer rolls around. The less valuable cuts of any meat, whether it's beef, pork, or poultry, are the primary candidates for BBQ. These inexpensive cuts tend to be tough, perfect for the "low and slow" method that barbecuing encompasses.

BBQ can vary depending on which region of the country you live in. In Texas, beef is naturally king, but pork and poultry are the runners-up. Texas is so big and diverse, they have several BBQ variations. Here is a look at the four distinct styles that make up Texas barbecue.

  1. East Texas Style: East Texans like their pork and beef equally. They also like a ton of hot sauce. Chopped beef brisket piled high between two buns is one of the barbecue favorites in this region. Hot links and smoked sausages are also popular. Typical sides are cole slaw and potato salad.
  2. West Texas Style: In west Texas, they cook "cowboy style," which is directly over the heat. The brisket and the ribs have a smoky char, and the sauces are hot and spicy.
  3. Central Texas Style: Like many areas of the country, central Texas has no shortage of Americans with a German ancestry. This means there is no shortage of smoked meats and sausages that are masterly crafted from old-world recipes. Meat is the star in Central Texas barbecue. Beef brisket, pulled pork, and smoked turkey round out the sausages. Sides, like pinto beans and potato salad, and sauces are secondary. Sauce, if there even is any, is served on the side, never on the meat.
  4. South Texas Style: Because of its proximity to Mexico, south Texas style is highly regionally diverse. It may also be referred to as barbacoa, the Spanish name for barbecue. The meat may be beef, or it may be goat meat, smoked and served in tacos. There may be a thick molasses sauce, or closer to a salsa.

There's a lot that goes into being a skilled smoked meats pitmaster. It takes trial and error and patience and time, not to mention making the sauce and sides. For your next event, consider choosing a catering professional like Bassett Caterers to create some BBQ for your next big event.


8 January 2016

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